Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring is HERE!

We have been talking a lot about plants in science, with is being the spring season. The kids got the chance to plant their own grass a couple weeks ago. There were three different rounds we had the kids working on. They were either planting their grass, decorating their container, or drawing a picture of their own plant that they would like to plant. They loved getting to have some hands on work and seeing the process of the plants grow since we have talked so much about it!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Back in Action!

It has been so long since I have posted, we have been so busy in 1st grade! The students brains are rapidly growing with so many new things and they are all making such leaps and bounds since the beginning of the school year. It is so fun seeing them learn new things! I have added a new app to our chromebooks in our classroom. It is called SplashMath. If you are ever interested in doing any of these programs at home, please let me know I would love to send you the link, or you can access it from here.

Friday, October 26, 2018

We are at the end of our first quarter, almost to the end of another month, and conferences are next week. This year is flying by! Please make sure students are coming to school with appropriate clothing for the weather as it's getting colder. There are have been some important notes that have gone home this week about some upcoming things, as well as conferences information so please be on the lookout for those in your students binders that they bring home each day. Thank you so much for all your help this year and it was fun seeing all the kids dress up this week. See you all next week Monday or Thursday at conferences.

Monday, October 1, 2018

October 1-5

Wow is this school year flying by already! We are already into the month of October. With that being said please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for the weather as it has cooled off quite fast. Our classroom is also quite cold.

Many of you are on class dojo and that has been a great way to communicate with you as well. We are starting something new with dojo. Each month the kids will be starting back at 0 points. They have opportunities to get rewards for meeting goals of points. However, there are also reinforcements for so many points being taken away as well. Thank you all for being so involved with your students progress this school year!

A look into this week:

Reading: Focusing on sequencing events in a story. High Frequency words in, cat, if, am, it.

Science: Still on the chapter of light, but this week we will be discussing what it means when some light is blocked and when all light is blocked.

Math: Beginning chapter 3 and focusing on subtraction of numbers within 20.

Social Studies: Continue with our chapter on Families. We will be making our family trees this week and discussing why our families are important to us.

Writing: Word order of a sentence and adding the correct punctuation to the sentences.